Mint Marketing Co.
mint /mInt/ noun
{  a place where money is coined  }
{  produce for the first time  }
{  very good  }
Following ten years of marketing management in not-for-profit and private firms, completion of a Diploma in Commerce and a strong understanding of culture and organisation change, I established Mint Marketing Co; primarily, as an avenue to help business owners navigate the myriad that is marketing and unlock the potential that so often lies within their own teams.
My goal is to reduce marketing expenditure and ensure your dollars hit the bulls-eye every time. I don't believe in scatter marketing or a 'build it and they will come' approach. I am passionate about results and believe in superior customer value. I am not interested in wasting your dollars and time with heavy marketing plans or page by page costings. I care only for what works best for you and your people. Something you can action straight away with confidence and clarity. 
Make the customer the hero of your story.
Ann Handley

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